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If only more businesses in the world adopted this slogan.  What does it mean?  It means making money while at the same time contributing to the betterment of the community & the planet.  This is our mission.

We want to attract guests from all over the world who agree that nature is a treasure.  Proceeds from our room bookings go towards local wildlife and environmental conservation efforts.  

For each night a room is booked at Soul Fire Casitas we donate to sloth rehabilitation, scarlet macaw species reintroduction & coral reef restoration projects.  There is a guestbook in each room for guests to write, draw or otherwise leave their stamp.  These book are then used to track our donation progress.

We just launched this program along with our new brand Soul Fire this past November.  We hope in the near future to have donation amounts proudly posted on our website...stay tuned!

Romantic Built-in Bed
Balcony View



We have a total of four guest rooms.  Our highlighted casita sleeps three people, has an amazing outdoor kitchen on the jungle/sea view balcony with private bath and raises money for sloths!  We call aptly the Traveler's Dream Suite.

Our next best-seller is the Romantic Suite which features a large custom-built wood platform bed.  Private balcony, private bath and garden kitchen.

Then there is the incognito room unlisted on the website but sometimes available for booking.  It sleeps two with private bath and shared balcony.  This one is next door to us.  Guests share our large connected balcony and have access to the communal kitchen nearby.

Lastly, but much coveted we are learning is our Backpacker's Den.  This jungle cabin is actually the most private of them all.  Nestled by trees and monkeys it sleeps three with private bath and large communal kitchen.  The kitchen at night has a very welcoming feel and is known to draw guests in for swapping stories and celebration.  Connected to communal kitchen and has most private feel?  I know...sounds strange.  Come check it out for yourself.  At rates between $28 and $45 per night it's very nice on your wallet too.

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