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Lord Ganesha : The Remover of Obstacles

I bought a small Ganesh in India almost 2 years ago. I bought it for our dream property in Costa Rica. Only we didn't have a property in Costa Rica yet. We had never even seen the property we sit on today. I brought it back to the states where it sat in a chest with other random things I'd collected for Costa Rica.

The journey to getting this property had many obstacles. Ones that, at times, seemed insurmountable but alas we are here- living our dream. My little Ganesh sat perched in our adjoining room that sometimes serves as guest space and sometimes serves as my workshop.

Well today while cleaning the room after a guest departure I noticed Ganesh had vanished. And yes, the human in me immediately thought "Somebody took my Ganesh??" but then the spirit in me realized there might be a deeper meaning.

If Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and Ganesh has ventured on...does this mean he is off to help someone new? Someone else who is ready to see their dreams come into fruition? Someone else who is struggling with obstacles?

In a way, I feel like I graduated today to a new level of accomplishment. I feel like Ganesh moving on is his way of saying, "You got this."

We are just coming out of the holiday rush so a few different couples occupied the room recently. While it remains a mystery where Ganesh has gone off to, we wish the blessings received by the new keepers will be as clear as ours are. The obstacles we have conquered in the past 4 years are many. The amount of learning that has transpired is remarkable. The amount of growing is magical. Our dream is alive and true. We are proud owners of a nature lodge in Costa Rica. We are beyond blessed. Thank you Ganesh for your guidance. We wish you well in your work ahead.

Love from Kristina & Bruno!!

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