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Brewery Tour Water Conservation Discovery

Brady and I have been tossing around rain catchment ideas for the property. It's somewhat of a toss-up between land owners in our region about whether #raincatchment works or is worth the investment. All the rain falls during the rainy season and then there's no rain in the dry season. I see the predicament. That said, I still would love to find a way to harness some of that abundant #greenseason rainfall so our garden can stay green year-round.

One popular way to store water is in tanks. They have underground & above ground tanks and your tank can be used as patio but I wasn't totally sold on the idea of a putting a giant tank in the ground on our property.

Yesterday, while brewery hopping in Tucson, I found a possible solution. Inside the Borderlands Brewing Company (which is fricken rad btw) they had a display bench for a company called Rain Blocs. Rain Blocs makes what they call stackable, hackable water storage cubes. Their most popular item sold is an attractive bench that holds water storage cubes in the back rest but another idea is to build with them. Make your wall a water storage wall...what??! That's awesome. We are looking to build a carport/yoga deck and I want the yoga space to have one wall that can be used for teaching. What if it was a water wall?! I don't know the feasibility of this idea but how insanely cool would that be?

I love the idea of the yoga deck being a eco-friendly structure that serves multiple needs. The Rain Blocs currently sell for $299 each and hold 50 gallons. That makes for an expensive water wall so we won't be placing an order anytime soon but it does have our wheels turning with more ideas for harnessing rain water. We also completely LOVED Borderlands Brewing Company. Super cool artwork on the walls, old historic building, outdoor beer garden...we will be going back!

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