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5 Best Things to Buy in Arizona

I don't know what it is about Arizona shopping but I'm hooked. I started coming here in 2012 when my parents bought their retirement dream house. Every trip I end up coming home with something that I just can't find elsewhere, at least not at the same price. One must-go stop (which is probably annoying for my parents) is the touristy town of Tombstone. At this point I'm not going there to take in the 'ol west...I'm going there to shop.

cowgirl hat

1) Cowgirl Hats - Tombstone has many for sale which means they have the perfect hat for everyone AND the prices are low to beat out the competition. I've bought two, the second one is pictured to the left.

2) Mexican Blankets - Yes I know Mexico is really the best place to buy Mexican blankets but in AZ you're getting Mexico prices due to the close proximity to the border. I've bought three, although I would have bought more if I had room in my suitcase. It's okay...I know we'll be back next year!

3) Koozies - They have lots of the good neoprene ones and it's hot here but it's a dry hot. The cheap neoprene koozies work great for keeping beverages cold and hands dry up in the states. Not so great for Costa Rica where your drink will sweat as profusely as you do. Constantly wet koozies = mold so we take other measures in the tropics. Still, AZ is a great opportunity to up your koozie collection on a budget.

4) Cactus Art - If you love desert landscapes check out any craft fair and you won't be disappointed. I've seen some amazingly unique, creative, beautiful pieces in a variety of styles on a variety of materials.

ceramic grater

5) Ceramic Grater - This one is hands down my favorite! I already wish I'd bought more. This is great for grating ginger, garlic, hard cheeses & fine chocolate. It came with the brush and a garlic peeler. I'm in love. My favorite new morning ritual is a tall glass of

water with freshly grated ginger. It tastes yummy and is great for cleansing your gut. Handmade by

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