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Final Countdown to Flight Outta Here

In one week we will be on the plane. Yikes. We have a lot to do. Sure, I've been #propertypacking since June but does that mean we feel prepared? No, we have more suitcases on order and I have a long list in my head of stuff I want to pack in the new luggage. Is it all going to fit? I just ordered 4 more shower heads. That's 5 total.

They are nice shower heads, way better than the ones currently on the property. The ones there are old, do not disperse the flow of water effectively and are inefficient. They basically create a waterfall but in an unintended way, unsexy way.

We wanted to replace them right away but the shower heads we priced at the local hardware stores in Cobano were like $40. We knew we had to be able to find some at home for less. These Aisoso shower heads were found on Amazon for $11 each. We ordered one to try and it passed our test. It had good pressure, good spray and has a water efficiency mechanism built-in to control water flow. That feature is especially important to us considering that dry season essentially means drought season in the Puntarenas region of Costa Rica. The tiny town of Delicias, where we source our water from, has to limit water to properties in our area to every other day during certain times of the dry season. Does this mean water won't come out of the tap on the off days? Not necessarily, we have a holding tank on our property (not sure how many gallons it holds but it's a decent amount). With five inefficient showers going and laundry needing to be done, the property was running out of water last April. We are hoping the new shower heads along with conservation signage in the guest casitas, will help remedy this problem.

So with one week left to go we are awaiting packages on order, organizing our finances, prepping our house for a live-in tenant/dog sitter AND saying goodbye to our amazing Nelly who at age 12.5 may not be here when we get home. Sad, I know...but she has had a great life and will always be a loved companion of ours in our hearts.

This is our story of buying a property in Costa Rica and our transition from mountain living in Lake Tahoe to tropical life in Montezuma. The property has rental casitas on it. It was previously operated as a bed & breakfast. We plan to make it more of a wellness retreat center.

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