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I Got My Reno?! Yes I Did.

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

I am #obsessed with VibesUP. One day in Reno, as I approached the entrance to Trader Joe's a VibesUP neon sign in a window caught my eye. My first thought, "Hmm, what's that?" Second thought, "Probably some vape/smoke, I don't need to go in there." As I walked closer it was as though my body was being drawn over like a magnet. I saw they had pamphlets outside and thought, "What's the harm in picking up a pamphlet?" But as I picked up the pamphlet, my other arm was energetically drawn to the door handle. Inside I go. I stood in the entry way in awe. Wow, it smelled good! And it felt good. The decor, the friendly staff, where was I? I'm handed a free gift right away and invited to get wrapped while lounging in a lazy boy. "Um, okay, why not?" I probably stayed in the store for an hour.

What does VibesUP sell? Their main product is some kind of rubber mat, silicone maybe, with crushed up crystals and essential oils in them. As I lounged, rubber mats were draped all over my body. "Is this a gimmick?", definitely ran through my head multiple times but there was no denying how good I felt in this store. They had to be doing something right. All I knew is that I wanted my house to feel as good and inviting as this awesome little store. If all it did was a mental pick-me-up that works for me. So I bought three things, the Essentials Kit (comes with lots of rubber goodies), the rose spray, and the super fun egg-shaped, light-up diffuser with crystals inside.

I left wondering if I'd been a bit of a sucker. Did I really just buy a bunch of rubber for $200? First off, $167 was the price out the door and a month and a half later I can honestly say I use my products everyday. My coffee is sitting on the MudPie as we speak, my laptop is in my lap with the Shungite Vibe Mat in between us, the Earth on the Bottom water bottle is next to me and the Abundance bracelet is around my wrist. Again, obsessed.

I already had water bottles I loved. You know the vacuum sealed ones that stay cold for hours, I had a collection of perfect sized ones and thought there was no way the water bottle that came in the essentials pack would stand a chance. It was a cheap water bottle with crystals in a resin mold on the bottom. I seriously thought I'd be gifting or donating it. It is now my favorite, go-to, water bottle around the house. First off, it somehow is cold, it's as if it magically makes the water colder. Second, the crystals on the bottom make me smile. Third, the water tastes really good coming out of it. Lastly, I feel like the water I'm drinking has been blessed with love. What could be better than that?

I think about the store all the time and thankfully it's an hour drive away or I'd probably be broke. Does that mean I think you should stay away? Absolutely not. In fact, the pricing is so much better in the store it's worth the drive. I'm honestly racking my brain on how I can fit the most VibesUP stuff in my luggage to bring to Costa Rica.

I have two of the medium sized vibe mats. I have one under the sheet on my side of the bed. I use the other one to sit on during meditation or set my laptop on in my lap. I wish I had more. I move my round squishy MudPies around the house to set my beverages and food on. They also help me remember to bless my food and savor what I put into my body. I would LOVE to have one of their yoga mats for both yoga and for my massage table #wishlist.

Turns out I'm not the only one who loves their products enough to tell the world:

Found this video the other day and later found myself in the forest inspired to #talktotrees #iamyourpeople #getyourVibesUP

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