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Ready To Head Back To The Farm

It's funny, I never really thought of our property as a farm until I was journaling this morning. The sound of cows mooing in the jungle is calling my soul. Our property is perched on a hill overlooking expansive farm land. The cows come up to the fence to say hello, or should I say hola, I mean if cows can talk surely Costa Rican cows would speak Spanish right?

We depart on our journey back to paradise in less than three weeks. I've been packed to head back since June but as our flights approach it's becoming so real! I'm already arranging furniture and pimping out rooms in my head. I'm crazy excited to host our first guests...'second' actually because my parents were first but the property wasn't fully ours yet. This time around we get to set the vibe.

Previously, our property was called Casa Delicias named after the small the town our property overlooks. It was managed as a cute bed and breakfast perfect for couples. The balconies had privacy screens up and everyone was encouraged to be quiet. Well anyone who knows Kristen, knows quiet isn't really my thing. I mean, while I'm studying, meditating or journaling- sure. But otherwise I'm more of live out loud kinda person. I like lively music during my yoga. I prefer happy, upbeat music during massage. I like to light up life with laughter, music, dancing and lots of smiles. And all of these will be cornerstone at Soul Fire Casitas.

Our first guests are Ashley & Phil. Who, like us, met while living in Tahoe but now dream of future elsewhere. They currently reside in Dallas, one of our stops on our way to Costa Rica so we get a double dose of them this fall. I couldn't think of a better first guest to bless our Soul Fire property. Ashley and I met through yoga and she is an equally bright, shiny, live out loud kinda person. I have no doubt in my mind, Ashley will help elevate the vibe at Soul Fire as soon as she steps foot on the soil.

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